Mike -

I advised someone to use a timer and am glad that it is working so well for you. I sometimes set the alarm on my cell phone since during the day I get really busy at work and can skip meals very easily.

I have a set pattern of eating but my last T said it is too set since I am afraid to steer too far from it. I am up to 800 calories each day. But he said that has become ritualistic too. So I got some points given and some points taken away you could say. But along the way is also the binge eating when everything is swirling around me. That hits at night. I had two vivid nightmares recently of being assaulted and that brought on a lot of problem eating patterns since.

I go from starving to the binge time and that brings on lots of guilt and shame. I then do not feel like trying to do anything. That is my struggle right now. I am struggling but so far have avoided laxatives for the most part. Just a couple lapses two months ago.

My best to you all in this struggle.


Broad statements often miss their true mark.