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I've always believed in God.

I was born into a strict Jewish family, learned the Torah, had my Bar Mitzvah and all that. My wife & I started dating in high school and they weren't so keen on me dating a non-Jewish girl, and in my late adolescence I wasn't such a good Jew... that was OK, because my wife was a lapsed Catholic with no attachment to religion. Eventually, she had a conversion. I saw how prayer made her feel safe. She is a survivor of sexual abuse and before she started praying again, I was the only person who could make her feel safe, but when she had flashbacks and she started asking Jesus to be with her and keep her safe, it gave her a feeling of peace. I saw firsthand how getting back into her Catholic faith helped her heal from the sexual abuse in her life. When she had a PTSD episode and asked me to pray with her, I did. I found myself saying the Rosary even though no one had taught me to say it. I wanted to experience the security she felt. I wanted the peace inside me too. Eventually, I decided to convert to Catholicism. I twasn't the easiest choice... my family was not so happy. But I did it nonetheless.

God is the glue that holds me & my family together, and I don't think any amount of suffering can change that

That is an inspiring story. Thanks for sharing!

I was an agnostic/atheist most of my teen/adult life. Then I married a Catholic, and saw (as you did) first hand how her Faith helped carry her through tragedy.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer 8 years ago, and never wavered in her Faith. She is now (thankfully) in remission.

I joined the church in 2003.



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