Greetings my brothers. How's everyone's summer so far? Sorry that I haven't been online much.

Great posts so far on both the religious/atheist points of view.

Here's where I come down. I was raised by a non-practicing Jewish mother and agnostic father, at best who also had Jewish heritage.

I was circumcised, ate Matzoh crackers, some other Kosher foods but that was about it insofar as my faith was concerned. I went to Catholic church with my friends simply due to peer pressure.

During and after my years of molestation, I started to look for a faith but could never find a Christian religion or denomination that felt right to me and answered my questions about G-d and what happened to me.

Several girlfriends tried to get me to attend their churches and I did but didn't feel right or my faith affirmed by their doctrine or deacons. The trinity never made sense to me and I have always rejected the council of Nicea.

I ended up marrying a Unitarian Universalist but don't agree w/ much of their belief system, save the Judeo-Christian part that they have as part of their faith. The only reason I go to the UU church sometimes is that you can't have children w/ parents of two different faiths or odds are they will end up with no faith at all. Luckily, there's plenty of Jewish thought and wisdom in the UU "religion."

Finally, after soul searching and finally dealing with my CSA by getting into therapy, I have found my way back to Judaism, the religion of my ancestors on both sides of the family.

I've joined a local synagogue's intro to Judaism courses since I have to become a Jew, even though I have grandparent's on both sides who are Jewish. I'm been reading books and downloading podcasts on Judaism & Jewish life.

So, to come full circle and answer the question, my parent's poor job at both protecting me from predators (and even knew about a couple of my abusers) and providing me with spiritual guidance resulted in years of soul searching and finding out what my faith and belief system really it.

The CSA didn't really shake my faith in the almighty since that was already taken care of for the most part by my parents.

Thank G-d, I returned to the religion that suited me the entire time, Judaism.

Take care my brothers and have a fantastic rest of the summer.


My CSA story TRIGGERS!!!!

The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.