Hello Brothers,

I write this to you on a summer's Sunday morning. It's beautiful right now but this whole week hasn't been emotionally, and I've found my self wrestling with the same concerns mentioned here. What it felt like to me was that I loved Jesus but he didn't love me. But then I realized, I was looking at it from the World's institutional perspective. But where is the "Good News" I keep hearing about?

I am a Universalist. I believe we can all learn from each other. How does that old story go? Something like this; "I was complaining to God about this, that, and the other and I asked why He/She would not send some-one to fix it... He/She said, "I did send some one, YOU!"

Some here have said that we are born broken, sinners, and I respect that. I believe that we are all children of God and that Jesus was trying to teach us how to realize that. That's the "Good News" to me.

Bless You All