I have social clumsiness in new situations. But if I trust the people and feel safe I don't. Why I trust or feel safe with some is often based on how I meet them. If I am introduced seems the best way for me. I'm a bit hamstrung here because when I am introduced to someone unscrupulous I am vulnerable to harm.
Another method I use now that you make me think of it is that I supress the feelings that make me clumsy and inept. This doesn't fix anything just allows me to hide my discomfort.

The other social clumsiness problem is that I don't seem able to learn how to function at will. I see now I mostly use preformatted or prelearned forms of talking and reacting that fit what I'm thinking or feeling closely or just work to get me through.

Hmm I have thought I had Asperger's but it always comes back to the isolation in that dark closet for months and the ECT as the source of whatever problem is making me think of it then. I have the ability to function normally sometimes w/o the fears and shame affecting me this is usually when I am engrossed in something I find enjoyment in and am able to be good at or at least good enough to seem good to me.

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