Now that Ayres will be having a jury trial to determine his mental competency - even though two doctors have determined that he is mentally fit to stand trial again for the criminal case- he has asked that the October jury trials for his molestation civil suits be postponed. There's a hearing in July to determine this for the civil suits by Greg Doe; Clark Doe; Mark Doe and Manuel Doe. Victim Eric Doe - who just filed his case this past March- does not yet have a trial date. The good thing is that Ayres is going to have to keep shelling out money for all these lawyers. He has a different set of lawyers for Greg Doe. Greg came forward at the age of 15 in 1987 to police and to Childrens' Services to say he had been molested. He has official documentation of his complaint as a teenager. The other victims do not . Ayres must be very worried about the case of Greg Doe.