I want to add here that even when I had very slow bowels I never felt the waste moving through and my colon never hurt like this. This pain is in the same spot all the time. I was always able to cause a movement within 24 hours by eating certain foods. These foods are far less effective or not at all and there is the pain.
Since I'm not sick the intestine probably isn't ruptured in the regular sense but may be torn or stretched.
I think there is one or more of several things going on, a partial inususeption that is mild enough that I'm not getting seriously ill, and that is what I keep feeling as waste moves past and is likely what is slowing things down even with the laxatives, torn viscera which has allowed the intestine to move out of position maybe kinking it and possible but less likely severe bruising and damage of the liver which left most edge lies over this area of the stomach and colon. I'm not sure if its between the stomach and colon or lays on top of them as I didn't get to disect the torso of the cadaver we had in A&P class. I haven't tried to dig up my old books yet either.

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