There is nothing in common with the guy mentioned from the conference you attended. I DO NOT have Multiple Personalities a.k.a. D.I.D. I have never had an addiction or used any substance to alter my mind. I have soberly had to go through this stuff without any habitual or behavioral "acting out". I DO NOT do anything to damage myself consciously or unconsciously.

So much of what I hear in response seems to question my sanity and integrity. That is why the few who say they believe me don't counterbalance the majority who come to their conclusions. That doubt is what has me in the place where evidently " I do not exist".

I hope that my frustration shows but that it don't offend.

It's so hard to not be listened to word for word, and to not be accepted or understood. Please try not to compare or have me look toward folks like this who have no similarities to what I've been saying all these years. I am not stupid and have done everything to investigate what these things are and what, if anything, is possible that can help me.

Semper Fi

The statistics? 1 in 4, 1 in 6?
...then me the imaginary number

Abuse Part I&II