I just read a preliminary discussion of the new 3-D TV sets in a popular consumer ratings magazine. I think they will be tremendous for guys with dissociation-related 3-D problems.

They are still too pricey at this point and there are not yet enough of the 3-D vids to watch. I think this might change rapidly.

There is something that will have to be watched however. When I first started treatments for my lack of 3-D vision, I started having tremendous flashbacks. This was good and bad. The good part was that was the first big clue that I had 3-D vision at some point in my childhood. The fleeting glimpse of the 3-D world opened up a pandora box that there was a lot lurking in my unconscious mind. The bad part was that the flashbacks were very powerful. Since I was usually driving when I had these, they almost had the potential of causing an accident.

Maybe some of you psychology types out there can tell me why I had flashbacks when driving. In fact my first glimpse of the abuse I experienced at age 12 was while driving. (To clarify this, I wasn't driving when I was 12, but as a middle-aged man I had vivid flashbacks in which I experienced abuse at 12.) Then much later it was when I walked down a long and visually boring hallway that I felt so intensely 12-years-old. All of these experienced quite a number of times.