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It wouldn't be a question if it were typhoid, or heptitus, or almost any virulent deadly disease that passes person to person with contact.

I'll add one other example. TB. When a person known to have TB deliberately continues to have contact with people, in such a way as to expose other people to the disease unnecessarily, our legal system (Canada's at least) does stipulate conditions under which that person's freedom of movement can be restricted, thereby stemming the spread of the diease. There was also a case not too long ago when a passenger on an airplane knowingly boarded a trans-atlantic flight with active TB. CDC quarantines man

Now, just to be clear here...There is no reason in the world to treat people with HIV like we do people with TB. The only similarity in these examples is the irresponsible behaviour that both can express if they do not take their conditions seriously, and fail to treat those around in them in daily life with the respect we all deserve.


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