Hope all had a blessed Easter Weekend!

As I start this post, I want to again say how grateful I am for having found this discussion board and web site. In only a week I have begun to explore some feelings I haven't thought about for 20 or 30 years. I appreciate you men's insights who have been dealing with this for longer than I. Thank you!

Having said that, I am a bit concerned about going on this journey of discovery & recovery re: SA. Here's my concern. Put simply - I don't want being an "SA Survivor" to become my "identity." I don't want to think of myself primarily by this handle. Yes, I was sexually abused as a child/teen. Are there repurcussions from this? Oh yes! I'm learning more and more about this every day. But is this what has made me ... "me?" Is this horrible event "the" defining event in my life? I hope not!

So, I'm looking for some wisdom and insight here, friends. How does one begin this journey of discovery & recovery without letting it consume oneself ... without it becoming one's "identity?"