My fraternal brothers.

Ah, the underwear forum.

There was one way back in '08. If you would like some historical readings about what we had to say about it back then.

Then, i'll direct you to post #258769-date posted 29/10/08.
Interesting reading & there is a bit of humor there too.

But, as for me now. I still do have a thing for new 'drawers" as we called them back when i was a boy. And the US military still calls underwear DRAWERS. On your clothing uniform list it will say drawers..briefs..white.

When i went into the Air Force back in '56 they issued boxers & until that time i always wore briefs. And right after graduating from basic training. I went back to wearing briefs. But you still had to have drawers, boxer, white rolled in your foot locker.

I used to have about 10 pairs at all times & my wife was always in my case about them, as she washed clothes about 4 days apart from each other.

Heal well, my fraternal brothers, heal well.


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