I'm depleted. In the midst of Christmas morning gift-giving, my wife had a horrible grand mal seizure. She sustained injuries to her head and side due to the fall. My daughter and I did CPR. My son called 911. My youngest daughter went to her room and prayed. She stopped breathing, turned white. I thought I had lost her. The paramedics, police, and fire company came to the house. Turns out the seizure was attributed to 400 mg of Wellbutrin she was taking daily. However, she'd been on it for nearly 18 months with no adverse side effect until Christmas morning. She's off it now. Today's my first day back at work since the incident. I needed to be at home to take care of her and the kids as she recuperated. I'm really spent. I feel like I just want to be alone and take care of myself. Need lots of space and privacy...but it's hard to come by. Therapist, friends, kids have been supportive.

Thanks for listening.

Would appreciate kind words, safe hugs, etc.