The Demon By James 1959

One day a demon came into my life
He did things to me that effected my life
He did things that a boy should not feel see or know
I do wish that demon was dead

From that day to this ive hated myself
Ive hated the memory of his touch his feel his breath
i didnt invite him but he invited himself
I do wish that demon was dead

The demon has haunted me all of my life
Its time now to put him out of my life
its time now to face and relive it once more
I do wish that demon was dead

Im taken back to the age of six
I relive each moment its so fresh on my mind
The pain and the grief its so hard to bear
But i have to get peace in my mind

The pain and the grief keeps flooding back
I tackle each moment one bit at a time
I face the demon and ask him why
Why did you touch me and destroy my life

I take out my sword and confront the beast
Why did you do it you dirty old beast
He has no anwsers for my pain and grief
Not even a sorry to bring relif

I slay each memory one step at a time
Getting anwsers to questions that tortured my mind
Im getting trough it I see light ahead
The demon is slowly dying in my mind

Now i can get on with the rest of my life
Ive faced the demon and put him to rest
I will always remember what he did to me
But now he has no control of my life you see

I feeling relief to have a life once more
Free from sorrow free from pain free from tears
No more demon to torture my life
The bad old demon is dead

After 45 years of torture and grief i feel i im now able to move on with my life the journey has been rought and tough but im finaly king of my live thanks to all who helped from Male Suvivors God Bless and take care James 1959

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