Not that these are all for me, but I have never been bashful about accepting, um, more, usually, then my fair share. I really enjoy this post, thank you Curtis St. John, and all of the brothers here, big and little, for this post, for my healing, for support and conviction.

There is so much bad in this world, so much worse in THE abuse, but here, here in MS, in this thread, is such a wonderful, positive, external validation that it makes all that other stuff, fade, for a moment, for a day, for a lifetime.

When I read this post, I was there, in my mind's eye, Curtis, in that auditorium, at that time, and I support and am supported.

((((Curtis St. John))))
((((Ken Followell))))
((((Dr. Howard Fradkin))))
((((Ken Singer))))
((((sasuva, heh, heh))))

Not in any order, all very important to me, everyone here who has suffered and come forward for relief and to relieve, thank you.

Yep, it is scary to be up in front, but it is brief, so enjoy it while it lasts!

You are all my support and my family,

Thank you,


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