I do a lot of reading about Mercury and other associated heavy metals, but ALL because of how I've thought my whole life, how I think and feel now. Lately I've learned (no, really I mean accepted) autism had only skyrocketed in the states since vaccinations have increased (by a large number since my childhood in the 80's). Mercury is key ingredient in vaccinations. I am into health discoveries all the time, but accepting it meant--like you said--it might be true.

Aspergers....I only learnead about it recently since my wife has been trying to "diagnose" me. I am very smart, focus too intently on small things, avoid people, yeah. Diagnosed? No.

Autism goes hand in hand with Asperger's. Autism hits the brain when young, and Asperger's doesn't get detected so easily--again, maybe because of later vaccinations or dental fillings. (Those are my guesses on Asperger's)

MY diagnosis? mercury poisoning. I have every chewing tooth in my mouth filled with amalgam--that's 18 teeth!!. I get quickly bitchy after eating or drinking hot liquids. My solution? Well last summer I committed to do this, and May 11 is my first visit for amalgam removal. It might take 4 visits, but I'll also be pulling mercury out through supplements and food--here's a sampling --epsom salts, eggs, high fiber, Vit. C, selenium, iodine, and bentonite clay. My dentist actually encouraged clay since it acts like a magnet for heavy metals. He does it himself. And suicide is HIGHEST in his profession--check the stats. Ever had suicidal thoughts? I have. Many. Most I've never had events to tag them to. They just came and went.

What do I expect? I'm not sure what peace feels like, but I expect less scattered thoughts, more accepting reality (vs. the VERY REAL depersonalization spoken of by BigV), better tolerance to stress, and other sound thinking habits. Physical detox might take 6 months-2 years, but all the reports I've read motivate me to commit to this. I've had my ass kicked by this shit. I don't want it anymore. I'll give you some links (if this is of any help to you).

I saw these symptoms in myself for years. Doing something about it is my daily challenge. It means....CHANGE!!!!