There's a duality resultant from childhood sexual molestation. The kid becomes extremely sensitive to perceived threat. The phenomenon is defined as 'hypervigilance'. This makes the kid both weak and strong. You get slapped around for awhile,you get damn tough. Throwing hissyfits,crying,begging for mercy does'nt do any good. The abuse continues. So you get tough and smart real fast. Let's hope so,anyway. Normal kids,kids that don't go thru the molestation thing react violently when some other kid says "Fuck your mother". There's a fight,bleeding,etc. It's my bet though that kids who've been thru molestation quickly understand that wordages are used by the populace-at-large as a manipulative technique
and these kids don't react to the usual insultive wordages. Knowing that the words are intended to elicit response the child-victim does'nt respond. The hurtfull words pass thru him/her as though a tenuous mist without touching. Much like Judo,the attack meets no resistence. No harm has occurred.