To whom it may concern,

In dealing with the csa, it is a common denominator that there is trust, gender and power issues. The victim, or survivor, needs to internally validate. We come here because we begin to introvert, or act out, and we are unstable in our regular lives.

In looking over the forum options, I noticed there are places for stories of abuse in the past, personal improvement for the future, and everything in the middle, except..,

What about our children?

Cannot abuse be a generational issue? If not generational, certainly an attack on our perspective of childhood. So here we are, coming to terms with our abuse, our fragmented childhood, and as we learn new thinking and trusting that thinking, our children are growing, and we are raising them. If therapy takes awhile, cannot we have, here in our safe environment, a place to go to ask questions about raising children, our experiences, positive and negative, about pressures of family life, and giving advice about child raising?

Finally, if we have an area to help parents raise their young, will it not be a similar therapy to our own needs? We go to therapists in our adult clothes, in our cars and then go and pay bills. Might there be a place we could go where we would remember our childhood, in a positive light? Would we not see what we have been missing, and perhaps move our own therapy closer to fruition?

Please consider this, as we also consider how much Male Survivor, its board and Moderators, it organization that we do not see, but are healed by its philanthropy, and its design move us closer to minimizing the abuse victim, and maximizing the human being.

Sincerely Yours,

sasuva, sam

MaleSurvivor Moderator Emeritus 2012 - 2014