Well I am still processing things...overall it was a great experience though it was not all roses:

- Most of the sessions were very educational (especially Ken Adams, Ed Erghott, and Captain William Carson)
- I had some powerful experiences in the more experiential sessions (e.g. Mike Lew, David Stewart)
- It was great to meet and talk with the authors (I felt very safe with Ken Singer)
- It was great to make new connections and to re-connect with WoR alumni and facilitators

- I found some of the presenters had an air of arrogance
- The presence of non-survivors, particularly females, was difficult at times. For example, i got triggered by one female's comments to me and one presenter's assistant patted me twice on the shoulder (a big no no). I think more clear-cut guidelines are needed for future conferences.

Ultimately the conference experience was good for showing me where i am at in my recovery. For example, before heading in to the Mother-Son Incest session i had two hours to spare and i started to head downtown to do some shopping. On the way i recognized that i was resorting to one of my coping mechanisms and thought "what if i am shopping and i don't make it back in time for the most important session?"....so i turned around and went back to hang out in the quiet room. Two years ago i may not have made such a connection. Heck just 6 months ago I went shooting full auto assault rifles literally two hours before arriving at the Level 2 WoR...as I wrote in my review, Paul told me that it was "natural for me to do something empowering before going in to a place where i will feel vulnerable"...this time i wanted the power to come from within.

WoR Alumni - Mysthaven Nov 7-9, 2008; Advanced WoR - Alta Sept 11-13, 2009, Mike Lew Victims No Longer Workshop 2010, Malesurvivor International Conference 2010