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Please continue to be in touch with those you met at the conference and to recognize how truly outstanding each of you are.

Love to all of you.

Ken: You'll like this...

Yesterday evening, I sent an email to an agency in Oz that was responsible for those post cards on the table to your left as you first enter the 4th floor. I'm sure you saw the cards...two guys sitting on a beach, the card saying "What if one of your mates told you he was sexually abused? Would you know how to help him? There were 3 other cards as well in the series. One was of a man disclosing to a woman, another said 1 in 6, and the other I can't quite recall. I've had a couple of their posters up in my office as well. I wrote to say thank you for making them available at the conference, and to ask when the new ones would be available online. In a matter of minutes, I had a thank you note from Oz, from Dr.Gary Foster thanking me for my feedback.

I got to thinking, opened up my wallet, and pulled out a business card from Gary Foster! Gary and I met on 29th St. Sunday evening while Robert Bérubé and I were having a smoke outside the Ace Hotel. Small world, great connections!

All because of the MS conference!

Thanks for the behind the scenes hard work for over a year to make sure this was the best conference to date.

Love to you too.


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