I find myself looking at other peoples posts here and thinking "oh yeah of course i should have mentioned Robert, Ken, Dave....."

I agree with Jim "my brain is over heating just trying to remember all the names", but that's a good thing, because it is the first time in my life that i have wanted to remember so many people.

I knew the weekend would be powerful, but i didn't fully realise how powerful.

I have many email addresses, and i didn't have any business cards so i need to email you all so that i can give you my details (and to organise some things with some of you). I haven't had chance to do this just yet since i only arrived home late thursday, and i went to look after over 20 kids at cub-scouts that night (without sleeping on the plane), and today i have been at a meal with my research team and professors (and their kids). Just so you know, i am getting there!