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Yes, I admit it; I cried!!! I lost some major Manpoints, not to mention Coolpoints, yesterday.

I hope you are joking! As i said at the conference, i am not afraid to cry...and i will feel no shame over it...i don't ever want to cause any more self-inflicted shame!

I have a lot to process and will try to journal about everything...in the meantime, these are the sessions that i attended:

1) Mike Lew - Victims No Longer, A Recovery Workshop

2) Theo Fleury - Playing with Fire
3) Howard Fradkin - Dare to Dream, Building a Healthier Male Survivor Community One Weekend at a Time
4) David Stewart - Instinctive Writing, Opening the Door to Healing
5) Kenneth Adams - Mother-Son Enmeshment, When Closeness Overwhelms
6) Captain William Carson - Women Who Molest Children, A Study of 18 Convicted Offenders
7)Author reception and book signing
8) Weekends of Recovery Alumni Reunion

9) Robert Oxnam - Cohesive Multiplicity, Living with Dissassociative Identity Disorder
10) Ed Erghott - Using Somatic Experience as Therapy
11) Special Recognition Luncheon
12) Joe Kort - Mommy Nearest, Mother-Son Incest and the Impact on Adult Males
13) Joe Clemente - Profiler Profiled: AN FBI Profiler is Forced to Reveal his Secret Past

14) Robert Weiss - Untangling the Web, Understanding and Healing from Sex and Love Addiction
15) Bruce Frieden - Easy Sex, Good Things to Know about Male Sexual Functioning

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