Well I only attended Mike Lew's workshop on Thursday but it was AMAZING. It was the very first time I met ANY open survivor and even though I was 30 min late I was met with open arms and by the end I made 50 brand new friends. Gavin, Mark (you have no idea how much delivering that letter means to me), Robert Berube, Dave from Vancouver (who was at the gold medal hockey game I may add) and Bruce McKay from Canada were all absolutely amazing to me and they deserve a real thanks. Plus meeting Lewis, Jay, Ron, Andy, and Ken Clearwater were really icing on the cake that made it the most amazing experience in my recovery if not my life. I am awful with names but there were so many more that made the experience wonderful.

After this experience I can guarantee I will stay the entire conference next time and take Mark's advice to stay in NYC rather then leave late and sleep through my train stop (long story).

I'm still in awe from the experience and can not wait to send out e-mails to my new friends.