Just returned from the conf in NYC. I've been going to them since they began, missing maybe two over the years. From my perspective, this one was the best. The quality of the presentations, the facilities, the help from student volunteers from John Jay, the food, and the organization of the conference staff was superb. (I wouldn't know where to begin in terms of thanking all that put their energy into this very rewarding but difficult and time-consuming venture, and a lot of credit goes to Trish Massa, our adm assistant who was at the registration desk from the opening bell til the conf ended Sunday.)

Knowing that participants are probably coming back from a real high to real life sharing their experiences with friends and family who weren't there and probably have no idea of what they are talking about, we wanted to use the forum here as a place to post your feelings and experiences, highlights and memories for others who were there to share (or wished they could have come but couldn't for one reason or another.)

So guys, feel free to post your thoughts, rememberances and thank yous in this space. It will be here for a while and maybe those who didn't come will get a taste of what was a powerful conference.

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