“Stranger Danger alone is not an effective way to prevent child abuse. We must put political correctness aside and give kids factual, yet age appropriate skills on child abuse” says Brad Itzkowitz, President and CEO of Breaktheabusecycle.com

“4% of child sexual abuse is committed by strangers, yet the majority of all sexual abuse prevention classes focus on this issue alone” Says Itzkowitz. “Often times it is a family member, coach, teacher, friend or other person closest to the victim that is the abuser and the child must deal with this situation every day afraid to speak out”. Through speaking engagements, handouts and his website, Mr. Itzkowitz uses his experience as an abuse survivor to relate to the difficulties of “breaking your silence” and the lies that abusers tell to keep children quiet. It is his goal that by telling his story and providing these resources, victims will come forward and get help so that they too can become survivors, breaking the cycle of abuse.

Mr. Itzkowitz spoke to volunteers and staff at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Butler County on March 13th as part of a training program about identifying warning signs in children in the community and ways to help empower and protect them. "Our goal is prevention; unfortunately there are many children and adults who live with this secret everyday. If we can help them feel comfortable enough to tell someone then we achieved the first step of our mission".

His recently redesigned website www.breaktheabusecycle.com will launch on March 22, 2010. There you will find statistics, links and prevention tips on sexual abuse, domestic violence, rape and abuse issues related to the LGBTQ community. Breaktheabusecycle.com is a non-profit corporation.

Silence Hurts. Together We Can Heal.