The Boston Globe did a front page story on March 3, 2010 on the Boston Police's search for victims of Dr. William Ayres.

Sgt Detective John Donovan, the original officer on the case is retiring. He is being replaced by Sgt Detective Robin Demarco.

If you are a victim, please contact Sgt Detective Robin Demarco 617-343-6186 or 617-343-6186. Work cell: 617-594-4070
Or email:

In addition to working at Judge Baker, Ayres also saw boys at Children's Hospital and at Boston's Reception Center for Boys ( a halfway house for juveniles) between the years of 1959-1963.

Massachusetts has a "stop the clock" law regarding sexual offenders. They can prosecute Ayres if it comes out that Ayres moved out of the state after molesting boys.

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