Hey Crew,

Havent been in a few days. Had to run to California and see my children. They are beautiful. Well I hope this finds all doing better than I am. I have not slept hardly at all for 2 days and going on #3. I need to find a way to clear my head relax, and sleep. I had counseling session #2 today it went well. I learned alot about myself that I knew but did'nt. Does that make sense. Did some word association It was a good thing. Anyhow all. Does anyone have any recomendations of a healing workbook? My therapist said I should look for something like that. She says they are helpful. Anyhow I am going to go back and try to pretend to sleep till morning so I can go to work and be a tired cranky mess for another day. Thanks all for being there. You are all appreciated and god bless.