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Ken Singer LCSW's release 'Evicting the Perpetrator' comes as a result of 30+ years experience working with sexual abuse victim/survivors as well as juvenile and adult abusers. This book has been written not only for survivors, their family members and those who love them, but as well for the the mental health professionals who will eventually welcome them to their couches. His ideas are expressed and articulated with the same spirit and intention that has guided his work as a clinical therapist: 'in the hope of preventing more victims', and to help others already touched by the hand of sexual abuse and assault, to overcome its legacy.

Mr. Singer begins with the premise that if 'knowledge is power', then the effort of this book is ultimately about empowerment. And that empowerment comes through gaining in understanding of the perp's methodology, breaking the patterns of fear, confusion and hopelessness, which often lead to poor coping strategies such as self-defeating and unproductive behaviors.

The stage is neatly set at the very beginning of the book as he explains the trauma of abuse and its long lasting effects on brain chemistry, ultimately storing the remnants of the injuries in the wiring of the brain. After the experience of abuse has been denied, ignored or forgotten, over time, sometimes for years or decades later, the faulty wiring takes its toll, causing structural changes in the brain, further impeding its ability to process normal reflexive and instinctive responses, and thus allowing the survivor to suppress the damaging effects of the trauma.

The remedy unfolds in subsequent pages of the book, as Mr. Singer carefully lines out the steps that must be taken in order to restore happy and harmonious lives. Throughout the book, leaning toward the use of layman's terminology, he presents his ideas clearly and succinctly, while in the process inspiring the survivor to mobilize and channel their emotional resources for more efficient use.

As a survivor of both incest and rape, I have been working recovery solutions for 35+ years. Mr. Singer's knowledge is appreciated as an invaluable cutting edge addition to the library of current sexual abuse/assault recovery texts. In my opinion it earns its place on the shelf beside others that have for decades inspired healing and recovery successes for survivors and their loved ones.

Ron Schulz, aka Sans Logos
Moderator MaleSurvivor.org

Ron Schulz, MSPC, NCC