WooHoo!!!!!! grin

We actually started the first Support Group here in WA. Well not actually the first. The first one in many years. ISA used to have a group in Seattle.

We had 5 people lined up to be there, but only two of us showed up. But that is ok, because we did it! We met at my home, to begin with. but as we grow, we will look into other options.

The two of us that were there, are both in the MS family. I am so grateful that i actually have a place to go to see people's faces and match them up to the name i know on the MS website.

Anyone interested in joining in is welcome. We have a couple of rules (more later) to protect ourselves.

Please understand that this is a Support Group for CSA's to come together and share their experience, strengths, and hopes. It is not a professionally run therapeutic session.

If you are interested, PM me: pbert53, paul



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