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My T whom I was seeing when I remembered these things contacted the Boy Scouts about what I had said in pufferfish story part 5. Their response was that those records were closed and sealed and packed away.

What was done to me resulted in great psychological damage. My doctor found calcified scar tissue on my anus when I was about 40, before I actually remembered these events. I have seen several different T's. None of them has questioned the truthfulness of my statement.


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Don't mean to insult you by adding any levity to the situation, but I wish there was some sort of site acronym translation thing. x_X

I'm new to talking about what I went through, or getting any help, so maybe that's why I don't know a lot of these words.

So far today I learned csa, gbt, p, per, perp, several others, someone's post was something like, "My fm perp had me in n/c inc csa which led me to pstd"

I stared at that T in your post for 3 minutes. I finally realized you mean therapist! ... ... I think...

I was a scout, and it was a break/freedom from what I suffered from my uncle at home. But with so many people who suffered because of them... My nephew is going to enter soon, but I'm too scared, and I don't know if he should.