You'd think that they would at least leave us 1 last place to be free. But the people who are capable of the things they did obviously don't have the common decency to do so.

I'm new here, I just came from a yahoo groups e-mail thing for survivors. It was going great, but one guy kept e-mailing me personally (I made the mistake of adding my e-mail to my post, it usually is all pretty anonymous, you send to host, host sends to all, to keep us safe).

I thought it was okay, but skipping to the end one day he asked if I had a photo of what I looked like when I was young... He said he would trade it for photos of him when he was young. I know it sounds innocent, but he was even adamant about it not being pictures of when I was a teenager but when "all the stuff happened".

I was horrified, changed my e-mail, and never went back there again. frown

Thank you guys for working hard to keep this place safe.