US Postal Service Global Priority mail is $13.45 for a one of their standard Global Priority mailers containing up to 4 lbs, $50 worth of insurance is an extra $2.50. The shipping cost from the US is the same to Great Britain or to Russia. I have not yet seen the size of Ken's book, but my guess is that it will fit the standard mailer envelope and that it weighs less than 4 pounds. Filling-out the Customs Declaration by hand takes 10 minutes tops, much less if the shipper has that software on their computer. USPS Global Priority should take 7-10 days to any major city in Great Britain or western Russia.

Just to let you guys know what I found on the USPS website concerning foreign shipping costs for a single book in a standard Global Priority mailer. It might cost a little extra to have someone tape it all up nice and take it down to the Post Office, but I wonder if the book's publisher would be equipped to offer Global Priority shipping themselves???

$16.00 wouldn't be too bad for shipping the book from the US to Moscow or London including insurance coverage, $13.45 without insurance.


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