So, here it is. The first time I go into detail about what happened to me. Iíve told several people that Iíve been abused but, I havenít ever gone into detail.

I was 7 years old. Both of my folks worked and during the summer they would have people come over and babysit myself, my brother and my sisters.

Well, they asked a guy, Rex, to come and watch us several times during the summer. We knew him from the church that we attended. This is when my abuse happened.

The first time it happened I remember going into my bedroom upstairs. He came in and closed the door. He said that there was something he would like to do and it would make us both feel good. I didnít know what he meant but thought what the heck, if it will make me feel good then why not.

He had me lie down on my bed. He then pulled my shorts and underwear down to my ankles. I asked what he was doing and he said that it was ok and to trust him it will feel good. Next thing I knew he started touching my penis with his hand trying to get me erect.

At that time I didnít know what was going on and I wasnít getting erect. He then stopped masturbating me and said that perhaps this would work. He then took my penis into his mouth.

Not much longer after that I did get erect. He kept on performing fellatio on me for what seemed like forever, even though it was probably only a few minutes. I was in complete shock and did not know what to do or say but it was then I knew that it did feel good.

He eventually stopped and said that it was now my turn to do that to him. He stretched out on the bed, pulled off his shorts and underwear. He was already fully erect. I thought to myself that he had a huge, and hairy, penis. He grabbed my hand and showed me how to masturbate him.

He said that it was making him feel good and to keep going, so I did. Soon after he said to me that he wanted me to put his penis in my mouth. I wasnít too sure about it but he said that it would be ok and to take it slow. So, I gave in and proceeded to perform fellatio on him.

I didnít do it for long though because I didnít enjoy it. I didnít like the taste in my mouth and I constantly felt like gagging. It was awful. I eventually stopped and he asked why I stopped. I told him that I didnít like doing that part. He said alright and he proceeded to masturbate himself to completion.

This same thing happened several times throughout that summer. I felt so embarrassed, scared and ashamed. I didnít know what to do or sayÖ I eventually got to a point to where I just stuck it deep in my mind to hopefully never having to deal with it again. Itís only been the last few years that Iíve been dealing with these memories now instead of burying them.

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