Great sale for a hotel for the MS Conference in March

Embassy Suites in Downtown near Wall Street is only $139 a night for a 2 Room 1 King Bed and 1 sofabed suite. Thats a good deal for even 1 person but for 2 its fantastic.

Hotel gets great reviews on tripadvisor and is fairly easy to get to John Jay from there. Just 6 blocks to the A Train at Chambers St. and then 15 minutes to 59th Street/Columbus Circle (the closest subway station to John Jay)

It is their "Winter Promotion" so it could either be sold out or be discontinued at any time. Rate is cancelable up to 24 hours prior to check-in (I believe check info on the website). I'm going to be booking it even though I'm not sure if I'm going cuz there is no cancel penatly and its a steal in Manhattan

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