I want to add my two cents to this topic.

I believe masturbation can be a healthy way to explore one's sexuality.

It may be a sin, I really don't know or care.

I guess I would rather sin than get an STD.

With the rampant increases in STDs in all age groups I don't wanna become another statistic.

Masturbation allows for me to safely explore my sexuality and try things for me.

It's a private activity I believe is healthy and good.

I agree with others, like anything it can get out of control.

I remember feeling so much shame and guilt when kids high school used to say that I masturbated and I just would turn beet red.

Part of my getting over shit was realizing I was fantasizing about my abuse and my abuser, this need to please my abuser, to please people to get them to like to me, to feel like I had to prove myself to them.

Well now I can say I do what I want and I choose to masturbate.

I realize this in a way is a safety net for myself.

I don't feel either mature or ready for an intimate relationship with another consenting adult.

Great topic and dicussion, thanks for letting me share.