His name is Johnny
thats what his grandma called him
others chose to call him John
they said it sounds more adult
trying to make him grow up too fast
He was not ready just then!

He sleeps alone in his own room
used to share one with his sisters
now he's getting to old
becoming a big boy now
so now he gets to sleep by himself
warm night winds drift softly in
but tonight he's not alone

The thing is here and he's trapped
nowhere left that he can run
the thing tells him lies
but johnny believes him
silent screams as the tears flow
never cry again in front of anyone
this he promises himself

The thing calls him John
says it sounds more adult
but this is not what he wants
no kid would want this
nighttime becomes a nightmare
he doesnt sleep much anymore

For years he doesnt cry
for the thing, others or himself
even though he wanted to
he wouldnt waste the time
had to grow up quickly
become as hard as steel
If he was going to last at all

The 10 year old him locked away
imprisoned to keep him safe
talk to him through the glass
jailed for no particular crime
now he's starting to fade
the chemical slow death erase

Today a new warden arrived
he told John his childs name
asked him what he wanted to do most?
John said "to go outside and play"
"Open that cage door" he said
the playground is just outside!

I opened the lock and let him go
to the swingset and slide he ran
doing what all children must
exploring life their own way
and in their own time
with boundless wonder and joy
and a few scraped knees

My name is Johnny
thats what my grandma called me
I've been away along time
now I'm back again
a part of me I wont let go
The way it should always have been

Now you can call me Johnny too!

“Religion is for people who are afraid of going to Hell...Spirituality is for those of us who've already been there”