I should clarify that marjiuana use for non-medically prescribed purposes that are still health related is OK with me also. People like yourself may use it to relieve anxiety. I don't know if this is the case for you personally but I have known others who use it for this. Also, I've known a number of individuals who use marijuana to deliniate the negative effects of withdrawal from harder drugs, as well as from alcohol. In this way the use of marijuana is an improvement in their lives. Concerning the legal issues I'm of the opinion that possession and use of all drugs should be decriminalized. With pot it is just plain stupid to persecute otherwise law abiding citizens for using it. With harder drugs keeping it criminal only hurts those who are already hurting from the pain of addiction. I say stop policing the possession and use of drugs and instead spend that money on securing our borders and preventing the importation of narcotics, as well as on addiction treatment. JS

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