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I hope you don't mind me posting here but this topic really struck me. Just yesterday I upset my husband by trying to get him to play the piano.
We have been together for three years and he has only ever played for me once despite me asking him to play for me. His family told me that he is an absolute genius musically and can play anything on the piano exceptionally well.

For the first time, yesterday, my husband told me that he didn't like playing anymore because he learned to play at around the same time he was abused. That's all he told me and I apologised and will not be nagging him to play anymore!

This was so sad because (from what I've heard) he is amazing at it...he also sad he'd like to get back to doing it but I guess it will just take time....

I am sorry that you are experiencing this too and that it is so traumatic. But I really thank you for this post...sometimes knowing others are experiencing the same thing can help...I know it helps my husband and will be sharing this with him...thank you.