Hi DJ:

I hope that this finds you well. I will let you know what I have thus far been able to learn. Please keep in mind these are not "official" MS responses conerning the conference.

The conference, and a WOR should not be confused for being the same. While I have not attended a MS conference before, I have attended many similar events. A conference is more academic, learning oriented, large lecture rooms, small groups sometimes. Speeches, presentations. Tons of people, frequently in hotels or similar venues that can hold large numbers of people. Cost last time I think was in the $300 U.S. range I think.

A WoR is a lot more intimate, and geared specifically toward the individual participant, addressing his needs for safety, and learning about himself. Although there may be upwards of 20 or so men there, the opportunity for individual attention is built right in by virtue of the number of therapists who co-facilitate the WoR. Every therapist present is concerned about you, and focused on meeting what you perceive to be your needs. Its an opportunity to grow in untold ways, while remaining safe, and supported by the T-team, and your fellow participants. No one there will hurt you. They may challenge you a bit, to re-examine an issue or two, but they will not hurt you. Having participated in two WoRs, I can say the cost is about double the cost of the conference. Buyt so worth it, believe me. I believe that this cost diffrential is based solely on numbers. The more attending, the lower cost per head.

At the conference, given the constituency most likely to be interested in atending, there will be safe rooms, where anyone who finds themselves in difficulty with the issues, or material being presented, can go for support, and reassurance. While the outcome of a visit to a safe room may indeed be therapeutic, the purpose is not to provide individual therapy, but more of safety blanket to help get you through what you are experiencing.

I hope I have been able to address some of your questions regarding these two great events. If you need to ask another one, you know where to find me! smile


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