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Just make sure you properly picture the body part you wished to have tattooed in an advanced state of age and how said tattoo would look on skin that is no longer quite as taut.

This reminds me of the Saturday Night Live spoof a few years ago with a young woman sporting a tattoo on her lower back that said "Pretty Lady". Then they flashed years ahead and showed what it looked like on her as an old lady...The tattoo changed to "Pretty Sad".

I'm a tattoo free ex-Navy guy. I've never cared for tattoos and never desired one. Although, strangely enough, I have had dreams (yes more than one, not recentley though) where I had gotten a tattoo while in the Navy then felt awful about it. Kind of odd thing to be dreaming about.

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The first one was like saying that this is my body and not for anyone else to use. It was a branding of sorts - but in a non harmful or abusive way.

I like this reasoning for a survivor tattoo though. It makes sense to me. It still doesn't inspire me to get one though but that's me.

Castle, it is good that you are putting some thought into this and asking for input.


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