Greetings all,

Just recently started to face my demons. Luckily I have a great T here in NJ who is also a MS Mod, and a good man. I feel bad saying this, reading some recent posts, but I have been feeling good lately. Especially since disclosing to my wife. Not an easy decision as my fears were unwarrented and foolish but they were mine and I now own them.

Anywho.... I've recently been thinking about a tattoo. I've never been the type, and had previous religious and family beliefs against them. However, I am my own person, and don't want to bow down to other peoples foolishness. My wife is not keen on the idea but I'm just thinking about it for now.

So do you all have any survivor type tattoos?

I've been thinking on the lines of releasing my demons. Although I don't want to get to crazy in size or evilness. I just started to look at some art, but I'm liking eyes/creature/demon ripping out of the skin.

Ken, I'll talk to you about it on Saturday.

Your thoughts.

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