yesterday morning I woke up and my left tonsil was hurting and it hurt to swallow.. I looked at my throat with a flash light and my left tonsil got white crap on it, looks kinda redish too.. I stuck a q-tip on it and think blood or something came on it.. I've had really bad taste in my mouth.. and feels like my saliva is thick or.. like mucus or something I keep having to swallow or spit and stuff..

Someone said it could be strep throat.. Wondering if thats something serious .. or maybe it could be something else.. it doesnt hurt a whole lot swallowing.. I mean.. its just a little irritating pain,.. nothing I cant handle so far.

I dont think I got a fever, had a little headache last night but not anymore..

What should I do? .. I dont want to see a doctor.. someone suggested honey in hot water or something..