Many of you may know that child psychiatrist Dr. William Ayres was arrested in San Mateo California in 2007 for molesting young boys sent to him for therapy.

Now the Crimes Against Children Unit of the Boston Police Department is looking for Boston victims of Ayres to come forward. Ayres practised at a place called Judge Baker Children's Center from 1959-1963. He worked there from the age of 27 to 31. Ayres left Judge Baker abruptly for California for reasons that are not known in 1963.

If you or anyone has any information about Boston victims, please contact Sgt. John Donovan. Yesterday Donovan posted the following over at

Boston Police
Crimes Against Children Unit
617-343-6183, 617-343-6186

I, Sgt. Det. John Donovan , am the Supervisor in the BPD CACU. I just recently became aware of this blog site.
If there are any victims out there or anyone that can provide any information on incidents that happened in Boston, MA, please contact me and or the Suffolk County DA CPT 617-610-4300.
Please pass this info on.

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