My name is Dan and I am from Minnesota. I was born in St. Paul Minnesota on April 14, 1967(Easter Sunday) at 103 pm in Bethesda Hospital. My illness has been desribed as being schizophrenia, which has a basis in both genetics and environment factors. The environmental factors which I talk about here are physical abuse,emotional abuse, at the hands of my father and sexual abuse which came at the hands of a female babysitter named Chris. After the molestation at the hands of Chris, and a beating at the hands of my father with a leather belt, I went to bed one Sunday evening angry/guilty over what had taken place. I awoke the following Monday morning, still angry/upset over what had happenned the night before. I got prepared for school and turned my faith towards God by stopping at the catholic church on my way to schoool that morning. I Knelt in prayer at the communion railing that morning and asked God to reveal himself to me that morning.I then got up and went into school soon forgetting about my prayer. I was answered later that spring but since this site is for recovery of sexual abuse I will not divulge the miricle that occurred at ths time. Know that god loves all and gives all a big reassuring hug.-Dan