This is probably not the best space in the forum to talk about this, I know...

I want to say ((((Thank you)))) for the people that have been there for me in the deepest shafts of despair and hopelessness. I would say that my years 8, 14 and 21 were the most painful ever...

Now that 21 is gone, I receive today the 22nd year of my life with fog, but I'm optimistic. I hope that my seventh T helps me find a way to rescue myself from the nothingness. My mind and heart are already tired of telling stories to buy sympathy and hugs, of taking pills to be happy for couple of hours, of not being able to feel, to cry, to scream, to run, to be happy.

I want to say thank you again to these wonderful gentlemen: Daryl, Corey, Ornias, Douglas, Barkabus, Joey, Jay, Josh, Marvin, Keith, Gus Bierer, Charlie24, mapleleaf, Tadd, Michael and so much more that have been there for me, every single time. I am glad I found you in my life. Thanks for caring.

A song I want to share for my birthday


He's living in a universe
A heart away
Inside of him there's no one else
Just a heart away
The time will come to be blessed
A heart away
To celebrate his loneliness

A prisoner behind the walls
A heart away
Wants to lead his universe
Just a heart away
The time has come for us to love
A heart away
To celebrate our loneliness

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