It's difficult to know the answer to this. Humans have wondered this since time immemorial. Coming from a biblical standpoint, I believe it began with the first rebellion against what the Creator had intended : a life with Him. Adam and Eve chose to listen to the serpent - notice however the "fruit" is not mentioned by name so we don't know what they ate (in my opinion it was a mango...they taste weird!)Then, since humans were not created to be robotic in their responses (hence the choice to believe or not - otherwise belief in a Higher Power or God is not volitional but forced and God does not force Himself on anyone). Since then, humans have had to deal with what others do or don't do. I have also wondered - since I truly do believe there is a God who loves me and has always loved me no matter what. There was a book written a while ago about the Holocaust. I had relatives from Austria (4 of them) caught up in all that storm. The book was called "Was God On Vacation?" I think most of us in here wonder the same thing. Do I blame God for what happened to me? No. Do I wonder where He was? Yes. This sorrow, this pain, this emotional hurt will one day be gone and,as Kerberos says, one day we will be beyond this and it won't hurt anymore.