The question of God and evil is the hardest we face. Much has been written.
My abuser also was a member of the cloth. I find a great quest to see how the church has been handling this. The answer is badly. It is not just God that has allowed evil, it's supposedly good people. And they lie about it. I can see how it leads people to look for spiritual meaning outside of a church setting.

Indeed this thread has generated much comment. It seems to cover most of the bases. However, all our perception of God comes from a culturally derived perspective. Somewhere I believe that there is a final answer but not one that I will know in my lifetime.
In the mean time my trust in God is that he will bring me to the final answer, not that he will make my life easy.

Which brings me to the other part of the original question. I have not read all the posts on this subject but did not see a repsonse to the question of how do we handle the pain.
I think all of us comming here get to the point where we hit the wall of pain where we feel we can't go on any more. I'm not a therapist so don't have technical answers. And given the situations, going to church is a source of pain for many and not a solution. Yet forms of meditation can be helpful. Coming to an understanding that we are all worthy persons takes a lot of process especially in a world that does not value all persons. And we keep coming back to the same question: If God loves me, why the fuck do i hurt so much.
I also think that making these posts and reading what others have said opens the door a crack.

Not everyone shares this thought and i can go with that as well, but I do expect to see y'all one day in the great banquet hall.