So I need to vent and bitch to you guys. The only people I have who actually listen to me.

So after my summer session I went home for a short vacation. I saw my immediate family.

For the most part it was a decent visit, I did my best to tolerate my sister.

So one morning I was talking to my mom and my sister out on the porch.

My mom and my sister were discussing a woman who had learning disabilities. She was able to overcame as she says and get the help she needed or accommodated as best she could. Learned how to deal with her shit. Wrote a book about how people with complications to the brain, learning disabilities can actually overcome their shit and try and compensate for it all. Or do the best it can. Pretty fascinating if you ask me.

Let me preface this next part by saying my mom is no expert.

We were discussing learning disorders and mental health and well being.

She casually mentioned she thought I may have a form of autism. Like a mild form of it.

After talking to her about it I realized what she was saying could actually be true.

It wasn't until I got back to school where I decided to dig a little deeper into it all.

So looking at the symptoms I might have it could explain my just plain stupidity and general weirdness I think others notice when they meet me.

I notice I tend to generally feel very awkward in social situations and also very clumsy.

I guess I just wonder what these are all about, does anyone here have these or know someone who has had it?

This may be a repeat of a topic but I just would appreciate some answers.

I guess it might be also wise to get a professional opinion on things in my life.