It's because I'm afraid I'll end up turning into one of these people.

President Obama will address schoolchildren nationwide Tuesday, and some parents are threatening to keep children home because of it.

The White House is billing the speech as a back-to-school welcome message. But some in the blogosphere say itís political indoctrination, and they wonít let their kids participate.

Okay - really? Indoctrination? What, do they think Obama is going to be pitching his health care program to third graders? "Stay in school, get good grades, and work hard to be successful." Jesus, he's going to turn our children into the Hitler Youth if he keeps that up.

What's going to happen is that eventually, no children are going to grow up with any kind of respect for the title "President of the United States". Their parents will have stripped the office of any vestige of dignity or honor, perhaps with the caveat "unless he's a (insert my political party here)". And how are these kids, when they grow up, supposed to take the office seriously enough to give their choice in a presidental election the thought and consideration it deserves?

The irony is that I bet all of those parents would be vocally approving if the school one day started requiring students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance every morning before class.

Children cannot consent; they can only comply.

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