Ok guys, it's been a long time since I posted. I thought it was about time for an update. I am now living in Carterville, Illinois after I just moved out of my parents house. I am getting ready to turn 21, got a new job at a brand new Best Buy after working at 3 different K-Marts for 5 years.
Just a year ago I was always questioning myself, always making myself feel like crap, always curling up in bed, always thinking about what it would be like if i drove off the road. I found the strength in me after only a little therapy to break out and stand up. I proved to myslef that i can be loved and cared for and I can love and care back. Yes I am still troubled by my abuse. Yes it does effect me and my performance and yes i am still subconscience about myself. But I can still be happy. There is hope...And now I want to help, because if I help others it will inturn help us both to get stronger. This message board essentially saved my life, I love you guys...let me know if I can help